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Meditation Group Starting in March!

Updated: Mar 12

Happiness is solely a matter of where you put your attention... come and explore this idea with a group of other people who are curious about how a shift in perspective could affect their daily lives. The group meets every other Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm.

If you can't make that first one don't be shy we'll make it work. All the details are available on the downloadable flyer (below) as well as in this post.

Meditation Flyer (1)
Download PDF • 2.85MB

Meditation Group with Paige

A twice monthly group for people interested in exploring and implementing conscious living practices within a supportive community.


Gather with a group of people who want to deepen or begin their meditation practice within a supportive community.

  • Explore meditation and the benefits it can have on your whole life.

  • Receive support through the common pitfalls of maintaining a steady practice.

  • Gain awareness of your “patterning” and through that awareness begin to release the hold it has on your life.

  • Create a community of others walking a spiritual path.

  • Create a system of support that you can rely on.

  • Use spiritual teachings to guide our conversation and sharing.

It is a journey to get to know yourself and what's going on inside, how to express it, when to ask for help, and what is "normal" versus what is cause for concern.

For all human beings that journey feels more and more complex as the world around us seems to intensify and things like "anxiety, depression, eating disorders, general discontent etc." become ubiquitous in a way that they weren't 10-20 years ago.

We cannot make the world change and slow down, but we can choose how to respond to the events and people around us. This journey begins with cultivating presence and gradually learning how to nourish our abilities to respond, rather than to react. This subtle shift in perspective makes all the difference.

Having a steady meditation practice is one of the most important tools we can choose to live from calm present awareness: that part of us that allows us to respond rather than react. But mediation alone, without practices to support us “off the cushion,” can lead people wanting. Being on this journey and exploring these practices with a group of other people, dedicated to following and living a spiritual path, is a precious gift.

What’s a group like?

Each group begins with a short meditation and meditation instruction as needed. Meditation is followed by a spiritual teaching for the evening. Participants are invited to share about their lives, based on the spiritual teaching.

For example if the teaching for the evening is about the practice of non-attachment, each person has the chance to share about their journey of non-attachment (which indeed may be a journey of lots of attachment!) and receive feedback and questions from Paige (and as the group advances from other participants).

Each group is unique to what the group members bring to it. There is no obligation to share, though with time and the building of community everyone will feel comfortable sharing with each other.

Meet the Facilitator: Paige Doughty is a counselor, educator, professional performer and speaker with over 14 years of experience as a small business owner and over 20 years as an educator. Her counseling practice is aimed at helping people free themselves from the confines of their own patterned thoughts to live in the present with authenticity and joy. Learn more about Paige on her website:

Paige will draw from many texts and resources throughout the groups.


This group meets every other Thursday from 7-8:30pm. Participants are asked to commit to the whole series.

Pricing: It is $50 per session with a Sliding scale available for those who need it. If you are able to pay for the whole series ahead of time, I am happy to provide a 20% discount.

(***Participants who need to miss a meeting can choose a 30 minute session with Paige in lieu of a missed group***).

If you join after the first start date, sessions are prorated from sign up.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have questions or needs! If there is a financial barrier, or a schedule barrier, I am here to think creatively. More than anything else I want you here. We want you here. I have been in a group that has now been meeting for 14 years. So I have lots of experience in how this can all work for people with varying levels of complexity from kids to travel schedules and work.


Every other Thursday evening starting March 16th, 2023


  • March 16th

  • April 6th

  • April 20th

  • May 4th

  • May 18th

More sessions may be added depending on group interest.


6658 Gunpark Drive, Boulder (Gunbarrel) 80301.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Paige by phone or text: 303-518-4010

By email:

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