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About Me

Over the course of my life the primary theme has been learning to live as my true self and to discover peace and contentment in this.  Exactly what I've meant by "true self" has changed over the years...

As a teenager this meant recovering from an eating disorder, as a young adult it meant returning to the root causes of that eating disorder and discovering what they had to tell me, as a twenty-year old it meant facing the environmental and social crises that we are living through on this planet and choosing life, anyways.


As a thirty-year old it meant divorcing my first husband, and finding a career that felt like my "right livelihood," something that added peace and love to the world and which allowed my truest gifts to shine.


As a mother it has been learning to keep finding that true self through parenting and postpartum anxiety. It has meant the deepest surrender, loving my children with every part of my heart and accepting that they too, like this body, will one day die. 


And now it's finding that all of those moments have lead to this moment when we are all being asked to wake up, faster than ever before, in the face of climate change and the constantly shifting realities in the world around us.


But I don't believe we are at a tragic moment, I feel we are in a place and time to have immense growth and the possibility of the rapid transformation of human consciousness. We are not victims to this moment, we were born for it.

Gradually learning to shift my perspective from one of victim, to empowered, present, and awake human being, is the most important path I have ever taken. It is a credential more important than the degrees I hold, more important than the children I am raising, more important than the way I shop, what I eat, or how I treat my body. In fact this gradual process of awakening supports and informs everything that I now do, every action that comes through me, and every decision that is made. It supports my life, my children's lives, my marriage, and all the work that I offer out into "the world." 

The path that I offer my clients, whether they are teenagers, young adults, parents, groups or individuals is an invitation to shift from the stories and masks that seem to be our identities, to what lies beneath, the true Self, unchanging, awake, and ever present.  Read more about My Approach.

A little more about my background 

Experience With All Ages

I worked as a middle and high school teacher for seven years teaching English (Language Arts), French, and Environmental Service Learning. I facilitated after school programs for elementary aged students, and have performed for and worked with groups of all ages through my work as a performing artist. As a result I have experience in speaking for and facilitating groups from preschoolers to adults!

As a child I moved five times before I was 15 years old. I continued the moving trend throughout my early adult years living in Belgium, Australia, France, Boston, Minnesota, and landing in Boulder, Colorado. The experience of moving and uprooting my life over and over again, especially at a young age has taught me a great deal about transitions in children and adults. 

A result of my many moves was a feeling of "never belonging," and nothing ever feeling "quite right" this feeling turned into hospitalization for an anorexia at the age of 14. I feel very connected and vividly remember the feelings, confusion and pain of the adolescent years. I am skilled at connecting with youth as a result of this time and have come to see those experiences as a gift that taught me how to find myself. 

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Jeff & Paige

As one half of the performing duo "Jeff and Paige" I work to teach children and their grown ups using music, costumes, and theater about science, nature, and sustainability. My years of working as a singer, actor, and educator have taught me an incredible perspective on finding and using voice, the importance of somatic experiences to express and release emotion, and more. You can check out our work at

My Formal Education & Training:

I hold a Master of Science in Environmental Education from Lesley University, Bachelor's degrees in English Literature and French Language from the University of Colorado, and a Graduate Diploma of Education in Secondary Education from Macquarie University in Australia.

My training as a spiritual teacher comes from 14 years of spiritual study and mentorship with my teacher and counselor Jennifer McKeown. In the course of those 14 years, I have intensively studied with Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, and Gangaji. I am so grateful to all of these teachers for their wisdom and guidance. Most recently I completed an immersive training with Eckhart Tolle and am graduate of Eckhart Tolle's School of Awakening and am in the process of completing a second course with Eckhart Tolle, "Becoming a teacher of presence." (October 2023 completion).

My training as a consultant for performers and small businesses comes from a 15 year (and counting!)  career as both. I have worked with many different types of creative, community focused, and socially/environmentally conscious business owners. 


Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

I am available for speaking engagements and workshops some topics include:

  • Eating Disorder Recovery.

  • Talking With Our Kids About Climate Change.

  • The Journey of Staying Present, Peaceful, and Calm in a world that seems to invite the opposite.

  • Conscious Parenting.

  • Postpartum Wellness and Recovery.

  • Facing chaos and anxiety in the teenage and young adult years.

Some of the tools and training I offer:

  • Inquiry Practices

  • Awareness Training

  • Surrender and Letting Go

  • Pain vs Suffering

  • "Should" statements

  • Who are You?

  • Nervous System Healing

  • Control vs Surrender

  • What makes a victim, and how to shift.

  • Expression of feelings for healing

  • Blame vs Responsibility

  • Reaction vs Response

  • Presence Practice

  • Meditation Training 

  • Using the Enneagram as a tool for building awareness of patterning, and freeing yourself from it. 

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