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My Approach

My approach helps clients free themselves from the confines of their own patterned thoughts to live in the present with authenticity and joy.


I draw from Eastern spiritual traditions, over a decade of spiritual study and practice under the mentorship of Jennifer McKeown, and my experience as an educator, performer, doubt-filled teenager, and mother. After 14 years of studying and mentorship with my teacher she encouraged me to create my own private practice of guiding people towards living without suffering.

What is suffering?

Do you find yourself thinking the same thoughts, experiencing the same feelings and frustrations over and over again? Do you ever feel like you solve one “problem” in your life only to be, “poof!” smack in the middle of the next one? Or perhaps, no matter what you do, and how you change your outer circumstances (job, career, friend group, school, relationship) you find yourself stuck in the same place? Are you ready to step off of the “wheel of suffering” and experience the “un-caused joy” of life that lies within? 

My approach is to help people identify and release themselves from patterns of thinking and feeling which cause this suffering. Only then, when we become aware of, and therefore free of, those unconscious patterns, can we make different choices. Choices from a different place, that reveal a life, grounded in who and what we truly are. 


Finding your way to this place of clarity, as your True Self, leaves you free of suffering and able to act, live, and experience Life from full authenticity: A life born from our conscious creativity rather than our conditioned responses. With time and practice you will readily access your own awareness, and experience the ability to truly live the life of your dreams, free from suffering, worry, fear, and angst.


In my sessions:

We will embark on a process of self-inquiry to examine what is true, inspired by spiritual teachings to guide our sessions together. We will laugh, cry and learn together through the stories of your life while simultaneously digging below those stories to find the ever present awareness, or witness, watching the play. We will explore and experiment with finding presence, even in the most uncomfortable situations. Through the direct experience of your inner Self a gradual process of awakening can occur and it is my honor to help people along that journey. 


All of my clients are encouraged to begin a meditation practice and I will support you in learning and experiencing the benefits of meditation. First time or never meditators fear not! We will ease into this process and it is not a requirement. I look forward to sharing my own meditation journey with you and the hilarious fits and starts with which it finally started to happen, and I began to live more fully in the presence.


Overall, my approach is one of loving kindness and radical acceptance. Yes, I’ll offer this to you, but in the end the invitation will be (and always is) for you to offer it to yourself.


Who is a client?


I see anyone who is interested in seeing the world through different eyes, from youth to adults. I offer individual sessions for adolescents and adults, Meditation Groups, and I love to work with couples. 


For my consulting practice I have worked with parents, performers, small business owners, and organizations looking for deeper community engagement. 


Who is a client? You are. Truly, these teachings and this approach to life are for everyone, they are your birthright, a way to live your life for the good of the whole, which begins inside of you.

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