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Paige Doughty, MS


Teacher, Coach, & Mentor
Teens, Young Adults, Adults & Business Owners

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

My approach helps clients free themselves from the confines of their own patterned thoughts to live in the present with authenticity and joy. I draw from Eastern spiritual traditions, 14 plus years of spiritual study and practice and my experience as an educator, performer, doubt-filled teenager, and mother to guide people toward living without suffering.


Are you ready to step off of the “wheel of suffering” and experience the “un-caused joy” of life that lies within? 

About me

You can learn more about my personal journey, educational background, and diverse professional experience here.

Individuals & Couples 

I see people individually and as couples. 

I currently offer both in person and virtual appointments. 

I help clients identify the ways that their own patterned thoughts are getting in the way of living a fully free life. 

I teach specific tools and practices to live in Presence and Awareness and to dissolve that which no longer serves, while also honoring the journey that has come before. 

Adults & Teens

I love working with all ages. I have many years of experience teaching adolescents, and facilitating groups of teens. As well as working with adults and facilitating groups for adults.

I'm happy to offer a practice that helps ages across the developmental spectrum to awaken to a more peaceful approach to life.


I work with youth as young as 13 and adults of any age.

I use art, nature, and movement with many of my younger clients. 

 Meditation Groups & Workshops

Being on this journey with a group of other people, dedicated to following and living a spiritual path, is a precious gift. 

Meditation groups are a beautiful way to support yourself and others on the journey of living from presence. 

Click here for current offerings

Coaching for performers & small business owners

I have 20 years of experience as a professional performer, small business owner, educator, and community figure.  


My consulting offers are aimed at helping performers, educators, small business owners, and community oriented organizations to thrive and bring forth their own authenticity in service to the larger whole. 

Check out the monthly conscious business leadership group.

The Journey of Waking Up

 It is a journey to get to know yourself and what's going on inside, how to express it, when to ask for help, and what is "normal" versus what is cause for concern. For all human beings that journey seems to be more and more complex as the world around us seems to intensify and things like "anxiety, depression, eating disorders, general discontent etc."  become ubiquitous in a way that they weren't 10-20 years ago. We cannot make the world change and slow down, but we can choose how to respond to the events and people around us. This journey begins with cultivating presence and gradually learning how to nourish our abilities to respond, rather than to react. This subtle shift in perspective makes all the difference...






I have never met someone with an inner radiance such as yours. Hearts open the moment you enter a room allowing you to create connections and teachings that endure. 

Katie D. Age 47



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