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Conscious Business Leaders' Group: What's it all about?

Is your work leaving you depleted? Wasn't the whole point of "following your dream" and "living your passion" supposed to be so you'd be less overwhelmed?

What happened?!

Join the next Conscious Business Leaders' Group to help you get back on track. Or on a new track entirely... perhaps one you've never operated from before. Most of us grew up learning that to be successful and to "work hard" means surrendering to long hours, grim determination, and a driving ambition that leaves no room for rest. Some of us have struggled for years, even reaching many of our goals and appearing to be outwardly "successful" while feeling depleted and out of balance inside.

Often rest and relaxation, healthful peaceful relationships, love and care is something we've explored in our personal therapy, or in our home life and relationships, but rarely is this conversation granted permission in a work setting.

This group meets once a month to challenge this narrative. This is a small group gathering of people who want to explore and support one another to live and thrive in their work lives with presence, balance, and self care as a necessity for success rather than an afterthought. Whether you are deeply grounded in finding balance in your work life, or whether you are just getting started on this journey and feel it is impossible to imagine such a reality, this group is for you.

When was the last time you paused and celebrated a success? Or took time to rest in the middle of the day because your body was craving it, despite whatever mind induced deadline you created for yourself last week? How do we work in fields that serve "the greater good" without depleting ourselves?

We'll spend our time together in this group discussing our challenges, successes, and receiving support through practical changes in mindset and specific practices to help guide a different way of operating.

Contact Paige Doughty the facilitator to register, phone or email work best. Next group is Friday April 28th 10:30am-12:00pm. Read More about it here.


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