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Uncovering Your True Self: Using the Enneagram to Dismantle the Mask

In this Video:

Paige explores how to use the Enneagram as a tool to release layers of our personality, or mask, so that we can live authentically, spontaneously, and in freedom from reactivity.


The root of the word personality is "mask" and when we begin to get beneath "the mask" we find our True Self, the light of awareness.


The Enneagram personality typing system is unique in that it encourages one to find their personality type in order to become free of it. While many other personality type-ing serves to identify oneself as that type, e.g. "this is what I am and now treat me as such;" The Enneagram encourages one to explore the ways that our conditioned patterns, beliefs, and opinions keep us held captive... by repeating the same unconscious patterns over and over again in life, while expecting different results--a cycle of frustration and suffering.


Identifying ones personality habits, tendencies, and reactions, helps us have awareness of them. As awareness grows we are able to choose where to live from, rather than unconsciously reacting from the past. This opens up freedom and possibility in our relationships, work, parenting and life choices.


Developing a personality is an important and natural part of human development and one never gets rid of it. However, as we are liberated from personality as "The only thing that we are or can be," we can begin to live with freedom from our knee jerk reactions and old habits.


This intro video includes examples of how Paige has used this in her own life and an encouragement and resources to begin exploring. Reach out with questions through this site or directly to

References & Additional Reading:

The Wisdom of The Enneagram from The Enneagram Institute. (this is a wonderful book for those who want to explore further).

The EnneaApp: this is a reliable app with an accurate test and serves as a beginning to understanding your type.

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