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The Tooth Fairy is Real??

Sudden “big “conversations abound at our house, as our oldest begins his journey into what the Waldorf tradition calls, “the nine-year change. “ After a tearful bedtime and an accusation/question about why we “grownups” bother, pretending that magic is real when all ends in death, this is the note the “tooth fairy” left.

One of my great joys of being a parent is learning to navigate challenging situations with my children, and finding the truths that are underneath them.

The perspective we take of what it means to be a parent, deeply informs our responses to our children and ourselves.

The perspective I like to take of parenting is as a guide of another conscious being through life. That does not mean that I have all the answers, but rather that I listen deeply to what is being said, and respond from each unfolding present moment to this other, divine spark of light and love walking through life alongside me.

Listening to my son last night, I felt both the momentary pain of believing that magic isn’t real, and the wonder of getting to discover that it actually is more real than we could ever dare to dream, or imagine, just not in the ways that a story boarded Hollywood movie presents.

The path of learning to live in, and as, present awareness continues to serve every moment of this life. I am so grateful to be. And to share this beingness with my children, friends, and clients.


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